Established in 2006

KwaZulu Natal Community Education and Training College was established in terms of the Continuing Education and Training Act, 16 of 2006 to cater for education and training needs of post-school youth and adults who:

  • Never attended school
  • Did not complete their schooling
  • Lack appropriate skills for the job market
  • Lack appropriate skills for self-employment


A model Public Community College providing quality, occupational and community-based programs towards economic empowerment.


To be a college that offers programmes that seeks to address the illiteracy and reduce the unemployment through responsive skills development programmes.


The KZN CET College is committing itself to: serve youth and adults by providing formal and non-formal education and skills based programmes that are responsive to socio-economic problems such as illiteracy, unemployment and poverty. It also promotes an education that provides opportunities for life-long learning and entrepreneurship that empowers people to actively participate in the economy.

“Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela

How can we help you?

These are the programmes that the College provides.

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Occupational Programmes

Occupational and skills programmes include Apprenticeship, Skills and ICB Programmes. The focus of these programmes is geared towards preparing students for a specific skill within a specific work environment related to a specific trade.

Formal and Non-Formal Skills Programmes

Non-formal and informal programs and activities that promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills in areas of Global Citizenship Education (GCED) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

Adult Education & Training (AET) Sub-Levels 1-3

ABET / AET Basic Education and Training for adults who want to finish or improve their basic education. ABET / AET aims to provide basic foundational learning tools, knowledge and skills, and provides participants with nationally recognised skills and/or qualifications.

General Education & Training Certificate (GETC) ABET Level 4 which is an adult qualification that is registered at NQF Level 1

General Education & Training Certificate (GETC) ABET Level 4 which is an adult qualification that is registered at NQF Level 1

Amended Senior Certificate

It’s never too late to get your matric. KZN CETC's Amended Senior Certificate Programme enables adults who did not complete their high school education, or failed their Matric examination, to obtain their school leaving certificate and thus further their education if they so choose