College Programmes

Post-Literacy Programmes

The KwaZulu-Natal Community Education & Training College offers programmes to students who did not finish their studies and wish to further their education.  These include Basic Adult Education courses for sub-levels 1–3:

  • Level 1: Offers numeracy and languages (mother tongue and English, depending on the needs of students).
  • Level 2: Offers numeracy and languages and an option of offering integrated studies or a skills programme.
  • Level 3: Offers numeracy and languages, integrated studies or a skills programme.

GETC-ABET Level 4 Qualification

The GETC-ABET qualification (NQF Level 1) with ID No. 71751 provides adult learners with fundamental basics in general education learning. This qualification offers learners foundational learning through skills and values in specified learning areas.


  • Core; and
  • Elective component.

GETC-ABET Qualification carries 120 Credits

Amended Senior Certificate

This qualification is equivalent to Senior Certificate

Occupational Programmes

These programmes are accredited and rely on external funding

Non-formal Programmes

  • Beadwork
  • Cooking and Catering
  • Sewin

Entrance Requirements

South African Citizens

  • A person must be 21 years or older;
  • Certified copy of ID;
  • Proof of address;
  • Certified copy of previous results/school report (Passed GETC – NQF1);

Non-South African Citizens

  • Certified copy of passport, visa or study permit;
    • Copy of previous results or highest qualification (endorsed by the South African Qualifications Authority); and
  • Proof of address.